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Robotics Technology Park Robot technology has been around for years—but in recent years, robots have reached an astronomical level. Today we find that there are more than 8 million fully or partially autonomous robot systems worldwide.

The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning has revolutionized the way humans interact with machines. These powerful tools allow us to build up human-like capabilities for industrial applications: from automated guided vehicles to self-driving cars. But what if you could use this data to help design your own robot? What if you could be able to create one without any programming knowledge? That’s the concept behind Robotskolli.

Robotics Technology Park. Image Credits: Design Group/Creative Commons via Wikimedia

The Robot skip land opened its doors on July 20th. Located at 913 W. 2nd St., Suite A, New York City, NY 10013, it sits five stories tall and offers three unique areas. Each area is home to a different kind of robotics system—everything from mobile robots to open-air factories to sensory drones. In fact, each area also incorporates state-of-the art 3D printers. And you can get even closer by traveling outside the park’s walls by taking the subway to Level 1A, which features over 40 installations. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to level 1, which then allows visitors to explore Level S which houses 12 more impressive creations.


The opening day events kicked off with an event highlighting some of the many innovations being made here at RTP. This evening, attendees were treated to interactive demonstrations featuring smart mirrors, robots from both sides of the Atlantic working together on cross-docking, and drone prototypes that showed how they could work along side and in between buildings to deliver fresh produce and other supplies.

The Future of Fun

Some of these displays focused on collaborative and virtual collaboration amongst multiple bots, while others showcased autonomous tech like a vehicle that uses sensors to navigate itself through crowds of pedestrians and shoppers. All of these examples prove just how exciting times will be for roboticists who want to continue making progress in bringing them into our homes.

If you’re wondering about the possibility of interacting directly with the likes of Sophia or Aldebaran Robot, now is the perfect time to see just how intelligent these animals are. At least as far as I know so far, they don’t have “socially conscious” capabilities but rather do things such as follow instructions in order to complete tasks. Even though we know they may not have those functionalities, they are highly capable, and it doesn’t take long for most of the robots featured at RTP to complete tasks that would take a skilled human much longer.


The Rise Of The Robotics Technology Park

Robotics Technology Park

One highlight of the evening was a demonstration of a 6-foot wide custom built vertical takeoff cart, which was created by Robotic Toys Company based out of Holland, Ohio. For anyone hoping to bring a little extra fun to everyday life, seeing the latest advances in humanoid robotics should give you plenty to think about for quite a few months to come.

As the world continues to witness an increase in automation in every industry, there will be no reason to remain uninspired when it comes to innovation. Whether you’re looking forward to building up a humanoid pet, getting yourself acquainted with robotic technology, or simply enjoying the new ways that robotics can change the game, we have something right here at Robot skip land to make sure that you will always be entertained and inspired at no matter what stage of your journey you are taking.


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