Free Software Download Sites For Pc On India 2023

Free Software Download Sites For Pc

Free Software Download Sites For Pc On India Let’s take a look at the top five free computer software.

Firefox Browser Everyone may know about this software which can make browsing in a very easy and convenient way, this Firefox browser is hidden and very fast.


Everything you can do with Google’s website can be done in this Firefox browser, with plenty of storage and fast performance. Google Chrome makes it easy for everyone to use and this Pros gives us twice the speed and lightweight FireBox browser to give you what you’re looking for very quickly.



When we download a large file we extract it as a zip file and use it at a very small size but it works big enough that it can be used by everyone. This is a software that you must have in your laptop and computer.

With these seven software, any business can expand or give away your files in an instant, and these free software are designed to be the easiest storage gummies to use. 7ZIP

Free Software Download Sites

Free Software Download Sites For Pc On India 2023


Foxit Reader

With this free software, you can easily read your files easily.This software is developed to support PDF files.You just need to install this software on your computer and you can create PDF files very easily.

This software is not like other pdf software it is unique innovation you will get many special features while using this pdf software this Foxit Reader  software is completely free

AVG Antivirus

Antivirus software is the main use in all of our computers and laptops and there are plenty of antivirus software available on the web out of which AVG Antivirus is the only one.


This AVG antivirus software is used from earlier times till these days to be very easy and it is available to us completely free and also in paid version.

AVG Antivirus is a big company that provides absolutely free with license to use on devices like Sony Samsung Windows this AVG antivirus company is very useful AVG antivirus software work on your device.

Best Free Software Download Sites

Team viewer

For example, you can do many things with this software, if there is any problem with your friends computer, you don’t need to go and repair it in person. You can use this software to fix your friend’s laptop and computer art from your laptop in no time, so this software is very useful for us.


In earlier times, if our friend’s computer was not working properly, we would ask them over the phone or go and repair it in person, so with this one software, you can access all kinds of other people’s computers from your home.

This software is very helpful for controlling one computer from another computer and is available completely free of cost. Team viewer

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