Cool Apps To Have On Your Phone USA

Cool Apps To Have On Your Phone USA Let’s take a look at the top 5 applications that can be used on an Android device.

Cool Apps To Have On Your Phone

1.Live LOOP

It helps to have a new lock screen on your Android device whenever you look at it and it’s very popular for everyone.

While using this live wallpaper app, the current charge of your device may decrease slightly after using this application.


But in this application you get not only animated wallpapers but also Live LOOP animated live wallpapers like car bike super hero totally free here also when you put the wallpaper on the lock screen it’s so amazing that other people will say wow when they look at your phone. anyway Cool Apps To Have On Your Phone.


If you text your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will type in a message or WhatsApp, or you can use categories like emojis, in which case you can send something a little different without having to send the same message.

For example, you can make your friend laugh out loud with anger inside you, instead of this, you can make yourself laugh and get angry with emoji, so that you can share a different smile with your friends and make a comedy.


A very interesting application EmojiMix  that can be used to annoy your friends and have fun with this application.

Cool Apps To Your Phone

Cool Apps To Have On Your Phone

3.Icon Hider

Sometimes you get a bit annoyed with the abundance of notification icons on your Android device, and to prevent this, there is a great application that lets you hide notification icons.


You don’t have to use an application to hide notifications, you can adjust it through your settings on some smartphone devices, but this Icon Hider  application is very useful when you can’t do this on the latest smartphone devices.

4.Edge Card Launcher

This application is very useful for what it would be like to have all kinds of shortcuts on your Android device at your fingertips.

No matter what shortcut you have on your Android device, these applications help you create shortcuts at your fingertips and instantly reach the things you’re thinking of a little better.
You can control all kinds of ways like launching your contacts, Google Assistant, phone calls, torch light, etc. with your finger tips, just having a fingerprint sensor on your phone is enough and you can cross all kinds of applications with it. Edge Card Launcher.


Top 5 Cool Apps Your Phones


As everyone buys a new smartphone in the beginning the speed will be very high in the beginning but after some time the initial speed of your smartphone will be very low nowadays.

If your mobile is running very slow then there is a great application to solve this using this application you can make your mobile run very fast.

The working of this application is that you will be using many applications like Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Amazon Flipkart on your smartphone mobile in which you will be updating all kinds of applications through Google play store and then there are chances that your device will run very slow.


This application is very helpful to solve this. You can use all kinds of applications in this one application. It works to give you all kinds of applications through lite version so your device works very fast. This App Hermit .

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